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The Maternity Teacher Paternity Teacher ProjectThe UK’s charity for parent-teachers.

Support and entitlements for pregnant and expectant staff. Networking, coaching and professional development during parental leave.  Return to work workshops and coaching support.  Family- and life-friendly schools.  Making teaching a sustainable career choice.

Both of the programmes below are now fully-funded for state school teachers in all regions in England, thanks to Teaching School Hub partners (other than East Sussex (Return to Work Workshops only) and North, West and Central London).

Paid access (£45) is also available to colleagues in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and colleagues in independent schools.

These events are open to support staff, leaders and central Trust colleagues, not just teachers.


Return to Work workshops

Colleagues returning from a period of maternity, adoption or shared parental leave can enjoy a fully-funded place on The MTPT Project's Return to Work workshop.  This 90 minute virtual workshop will inform you of your legal entitlements and the best practice you can expect from your school, as well as a powerful space to set boundaries and get your emotional and logistical ducks in a row before you go back.

Monday 20th May, 09:30-11:00

Monday 17th June, 09:30-11:00

Friday 12th July, 09:30-11:00


Parental Leave group coaching (start dates)

Colleagues currently on a period of maternity, adoption or shared parental leave can enjoy a fully-funded place on  The MTPT Project's group coaching programme.  This three-month programme takes place online in small groups of 8-15 participants, and explores themes of change, identity, confidence and plans for the future.

Summer “Coffee” Cohort – Friday 19th April

Summer “Naptime” Cohort – Tuesday 25th June


Other Events 

The MTPT Project run a whole suite of training programmes and events:

  • What to Expect as an Expectant Teacher (webinar)
  • The Mother of All Pay Gaps… and what we can do about it (virtual conference)
  • Sustain and Grow group coaching programme (for teachers / leaders with young families)
  • Life Friendly Leadership programme (for school, Trust and HR leaders)
  • Supporting Maternity Returners (webinar)
  • Expectancy, Parental Leave and the Return to Work (webinar)
  • Return to Teaching programme

The easiest way to access these events and keep up to date with any new events / workshops is by following us on Eventbrite:

Or checking the calendar on our website: