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Governance of TS Hub

Governance Structure

Department for Education
    • Hold Teaching School Hub Accountable - Regularly review and assess the Teaching School Hub's performance against established key performance indicators (KPIs).
    • Provide Guidance and Support - Offer guidance and support to ensure the Teaching School Hub aligns with national educational priorities and standards.
TMET Board
    • Ultimate Accountability - Assume ultimate responsibility for the Teaching School Hub's overall performance, outcomes, and compliance with regulatory requirements.
TMET Executive Team
    • Ensure that the Teaching School Hub strategic direction aligns with the Annual Delivery plan, Key Performance Indicators and regional overarching goals and objectives.
    • Hold Partnership Board Accountable - Oversee the Partnership Board's strategies, outcomes, and viability.
TSH Partnership Board
    • Strategic Direction - Define and communicate the long-term strategic direction of the Teaching School Hub.
    • Implementation Oversight - Monitor the implementation of the strategic direction, holding the Teaching School Hub accountable for achieving agreed-upon outcomes.
Steering Groups
    • Strategic/Operational Insight - Offer expertise and insights into both the strategic and operational facets of service delivery.
    • Provide Feedback - Supply constructive feedback on operational service delivery and contribute to discussions on the overall strategic direction of the Teaching School Hub.