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We are committed to providing all schools and their Early Career Teachers (ECTs) a highly-skilled and efficient service led by a team with years of experience of operating as an Appropriate Body.

Our offer includes:

  • Independent quality assurance of an ECT’s right to a highly structured induction programme
  • A dedicated named person for ECTs and Induction Tutors to contact when needed.
  • Expert advice and training for Headteachers and ECF Induction Tutors.
  • Fair and consistent assessment of ECTs against the Teachers’ Standards.
  • Monitoring of progress reviews and formal assessments through the online ECT Manager system, which reduces the workload for Induction Tutors / Headteachers
  • Quality Assurance visits to a minimum of 10% of all schools
  • Support for any ECTs moving to a new school or AB, or requesting a change in the length of induction
  • Registration of, and reporting on, ECTs to the Teacher Regulation Agency (TRA)

To fulfil their obligation to provide an early career induction programme for ECTs, based on the Early Career Framework (ECF), schools have three options: 

Full Induction Programme:           a fully funded provider-led programme, offering high quality training for ECTs and their mentors, alongside professional development materials. (LeLTSH will be offering this in partnership with Teach First).

Core Induction Programme: schools can draw on high quality professional development materials, accredited by the DfE, to deliver their own ECT and mentor support.

School-based Programme: schools can design and deliver their own induction programme but this must be based on the ECF.

Pricing for Appropriate Body services reflects the differing levels of fidelity checks required by the DfE, depending on the option selected for ECF.  Please see below, and the flyer attached at the bottom of the page, for the charges for the 2023-24 and 2024-25 academic years.

Full Induction programme

*£250 per ECT for 2 years, payable in 2 instalments of £150 in Year 1 and £100 in Year 2

*If school also opt for the full ECF programme with LELTSH/Teach First this will be reduced to £225

Core Induction Programme

£875 per school

PLUS £250 per ECT

(covers 2 years )


School Based Programme

£1400 per school

PLUS £250 per ECT

(covers 2 years)


To register your interest in working with us as an Appropriate Body, please email [email protected] and we will send you a link to the online ECT Manager system.