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SparkED: Talk, Reflect, Connect

Castle Mead Academy will be hosting SparkEd: Talk, Reflect, Connect on Wednesday 24th April, 5pm to 7pm.

This is a fantastic opportunity for primary and secondary educators to come together, share their expertise and learn from one another. It will be an opportunity to share innovative teaching ideas, gain fresh perspectives, and foster a community of educational brilliance.

What to expect:

• 5-minute presentations: Share your best teaching practices and ignite inspiration in your peers.

This is your chance to share your best teaching practices and ignite inspiration in your peers. Whether it's a novel teaching technique you've discovered, or an innovative classroom management strategy, your insights could be the spark that ignites change in our teaching community.

• Engaging discussions: Reflect on shared ideas, ask questions, and learn from diverse perspectives.

Following the presentations, engage in stimulating discussions that will provide an opportunity to reflect on shared ideas, ask questions, and learn from diverse perspectives. These discussions are designed to encourage open dialogue and promote collaborative problem-solving, allowing you to enhance your teaching methods and strategies.

• Meaningful connections: Network with educators from across disciplines and build a collaborative community.

Make the most of this opportunity to network with educators from across disciplines. Use this platform to build meaningful connections and establish a collaborative community. The connections you make here could lead to fruitful collaborations, lifelong friendships, or even the next big innovation in education.

Ready to join the spark?

Don't miss out on this opportunity to reignite your passion for teaching and connect with like-minded educators. Register today and help spark a revolution in teaching -